With our unique positioning in the industry, we are able to offer distinctive opportunities.
23rd June 2024

Presidents Council Buying Days at the National Hardware Show
– Retailer & Distributor information –

We are in our 22nd year of providing the Buying Days sourcing venue.

Presidents Council promotes, manages and conducts Buying Days, an event format that organizes face-to-face meetings between retailers, distributors and suppliers for 20 minute introductions to review new products and product lines, and determine if there is an opportunity for future discussion.

New suppliers

Buying Days is an opportunity to meet with new suppliers and to have private face-to-face meetings in a time efficient format.

1/2 Day of the show

Meetings are scheduled for all product categories during one half day of the Show.

One location

The meetings will be taking place in convenient rooms at the Show and will accommodate table and chairs for each buyer.

We provide a forum for buyers & sellers to build relationships and exchange information at the senior management & senior merchant level worldwide.


What we do for you:

Promotion & Registration

•  Presidents Council will promote the Buying Day on our website and via email invitation to our internal database of suppliers which has been built over the years. The list includes companies worldwide selling DIY and building material products.

•  Suppliers will register in advance online at www.presidentscouncil.com
or by phone at 847.983.3575.

•  Appointments will be made starting 2-3 months prior to the events date.

•  Buyer’s categories and products are listed for each buyer’s responsibilities on the registration form. During registration a supplier picks the buying category / products for their products.

•  Exceptions and cross over products are discussed with your coordinator to schedule suppliers with the most appropriate buyer.

•  Once the appointment is scheduled, suppliers will receive a packet of
information containing: letter of introduction, appointment confirmation and buying company’s information.

Target Suppliers & Exhibitors

•  Any supplier that has not previously presented their products or has new products, pricing or promotional offers.

With our unique positioning in the industry,
we are able to offer distinctive opportunities.

Your company’s commitment

  • Arrange to have your buyers available for the agreed upon date  
  • Meetings will be scheduled for one 1/2 day from either
    9:00 AM – 12:00 PM or 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Provide a list of buyer’s names and what products fall under their responsibility.
  • Have a coordinator be available for pre-event questions such as resolving issues about which buyer a supplier should meet if it isn’t obvious from the product listing.

Buying Days are efficient individual meeting forums for suppliers who want to expand their market reach and for retailers & distributors who want to find  innovative new suppliers.

Suppliers’ Advance Notices

  • Suppliers are required to offer new products, new pricing or new packaging/merchandising in order to be eligible for registration to the Buying Day event (unless this restriction is waived by the participating company).
  • During each meeting, suppliers are directed to focus on convincing
    your buyers that there is a viable business reason to schedule a
    follow-up appointment. Follow-up appointments, if one is justified
    and possible, should be scheduled prior to departure.
  • Suppliers may bring samples with them to the meeting.
  • Suppliers will be asked to not contact your corporate office or
    anyone in it.
  • Suppliers will not be given any buyer’s direct contact information before the event.
  • Suppliers will be limited to 2 attendees.
  • If a Manufacturer’s Rep is attending, someone must accompany them from the company they are representing.

Supplier prerequisites – Do their homework!

  • Spend time researching your company
  • Visit your website and review your current offering.
  • Supplier products must fit the categories that fit your “niche”.

Please CLICK HERE for a partial list of companies that have participated in a Buying Day event in the past 2 years.


Don’t hesitate to contact us!
Please email Julie or call our office at 847.983.3575