From the desk of Arman Rousta, Co-Founder of Ajustco

We started a few years back with the Buying Days in the US and in Canada because as a new company you’re not quite sure how to get in front of the top buyers with your new product and innovation. While trade shows are obviously a great way to get exposure, they don’t necessarily guarantee you’re meeting with the person that you really need to sell: the buyer.

The Buying Days from Presidents Council allowed us to get in front of the buyers at Home Depot Canada and others. We found it to be a very cost effective method to get in front of decision makers, and as a direct result of that experience, we’ve gotten major orders and now are a vendor with some of these top retailer chains.

We can’t say enough about how professional they are and how much they’ve helped our company – our start-up company – really grow and get real revenue and real orders from big-time players in the industry. The Presidents council has certainly our highest endorsement. We plan to continue partnering with them for years to come.