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17th June 2021

2020-PRO Group Buyer Review

PRO Group Buyer Review


Submit your product information and samples to create an opportunity for further discussions with your PRO Group Buyer 

About PRO Group

PRO Group, Inc. (www.pro-group.com) is a multidivisional international merchandising and marketing organization with corporate headquarters in Denver. Its operating units include PRO Hardware, GardenMaster, and FARM MART. With over 73 distributors operating over 140 distribution centers serving all 50 states, the Group’s combined sales volume exceeds $6 billion through its member distributors and an alliance with the VAL-TEST Group.

If you are not selling to PRO Group, this is your opportunity to submit!

About the event

  • All companies not currently selling PRO Group can register and submit product, marketing and merchandising information:
    • Step 1 – Register here. Scroll down, look for/click on your product category (by Buyer 1, 2 or 3), and click on “Add to Cart.”
    • Step 2 – Complete Powerpoint template (will be sent to you in a Confirmation Letter) and send back to Presidents Council.
    • Step 3 – Send product samples to your PRO Group buyer as soon as possible to aid in their decision making process.
    • Step 4PRO Group Feedback:
      • Your buyer will respond to you within 7 days with request for more information/questions, etc.
      • Your buyer will reconnect with you within 30 days to either inform as to the next steps in the Buying Process or no and why not.
  • COST: $US300 (per category submission)
  • TO REGISTER: Scroll down, look for/click on your product category (by Buyer #1, 2 or 3) and click on “Add to Cart.”

Refund/Cancellation Policy
Once you have received your Buyers’ name and contact information, no refunds will be given.
Substitutions are available at any time. Please contact us if you have questions.

If you are NOT SELLING to PRO Group, or want to present something NOT PREVIOUSLY presented to PRO Group, THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to submit!

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