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21st September 2020




May 4 – May 8, 2020 (Dates are Very Flexible!)

Keep sales growing from the comfort
of your own home (or office)!!

It is unfortunate that the Hardware Show in May has been cancelled, and we look forward to seeing everyone in September. To that end, buyers are now taking video conference meetings and would like to see your products!

Guarantee your exclusive 20 minute Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting by appointment from your desk with the following retailers:


(Click on each retailer below for individual company information)

—Stay tuned for more participant announcements!

When you register, you will receive a shipping address to send your samples, video test appointment with us, and eventually your video conference date and time with each retailer/distributor.

The dates listed are very flexible. We will work with you to schedule a convenient date and time!

Simply complete your registration below.

What suppliers should expect:
To meet with decision maker(s) from the accounts listed above.
To learn if there is there an interest in the product(s):
–If “yes”, then what are the next steps? Follow-up meeting? Participation in a show? Send samples? Vendor listing? Etc…
–If “no” then why not? So that you can evaluate if it’s something that you can address/fix or spend your energy elsewhere.

Please follow these 4 easy steps to register:

  1. CLICK on the Retailer/Distributor you’d like to meet (below).
  2. MAKE SURE your product category is listed. If you don’t see your product category, that retailer/distributor is NOT seeing that category at the Buying Day. Or please email Julie at julie@presidentscouncil.com.
  3. ADD to your cart.
  4. CHOOSE the next Retailer/Distributor you’d like to meet (below).

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation deadline for this event will be April 20, 2020. No refunds are possible after April 20, 2020. Substitutions are available at any time. Please contact us if you have questions.

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