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28th November 2022

2020-03-30 Import Tour


Registration Deadline is 13 March, 2020

Key US retailers are searching for new and interesting products to import from outside of North America. At their request, the Presidents Council has developed a series of sales and marketing appointments with key North American retailers and distributors designed to:

• Identify suppliers’ potential in the US market based on direct buyer feedback
• Begin dialog with the responsible merchant at key retailers about how suppliers may capitalize on opportunities
• Identify any obstacles that may need to be overcome directly from the buyer responsible for purchasing the product

These initial meetings will be conducted via Skype. Your samples will need to be sent immediately, and we will do a Skype test with you as soon as possible.

What suppliers should expect:
To meet via Skype with decision maker(s) from the accounts listed below.
To learn if there is there an interest in the product(s):
  –If “yes”, then what are the next steps? Follow-up meeting? Participation in a show? Send samples? Vendor listing? Etc…
   –If “no” then why not? So that you can evaluate if it’s something that you can address/fix or spend your energy elsewhere.

-Tuesday 31 March – Do It Best Corp. – Fort Wayne, Indiana
$3.2 Billion, 3,800 Stores – https://www.doitbestonline.com/
-Wednesday 1 April – Lowe’s Canada – Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
$4.39 Billion, 600 Stores (including RONA) – https://www.lowes.ca/
-Thursday 2 April – Menards – Eau Claire, Wisconsin
$10+ Billion, 270+ Stores – https://www.menards.com/
-Friday 3 April – Pro Group
$5+ Billion, 75 Distributors – http://pro-grouppublic.com/

$US750 for each individual 30-minute Skype meeting
$US500 per meeting if you meet with ALL 4 COMPANIES!

Call or email Steve Powell anytime with questions: Mobile: 1-847-337-7909 Email: spowell@presidentscouncil.com 

Please follow these easy steps to register:

  1. CLICK on your selected retailer below.
  2. ADD to your cart.
  3. If you would like an additional meeting, CLICK on your next selected retailer below, and add to your cart.
  4. If you would like to meet with all 4 retailers, click on “Meet all 4!” and add to your cart.
  5. Click on your cart, then click to Checkout.

Cancellation Policy
No refunds are possible after March 4, 2020

Contact spowell@presidentscouncil.com if you have questions.

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